Casson Media Group

Learn About the #1 Investment Opportunity in the World of Private Equity… Pre-IPO Companies

For a very limited time, Casson Media Group is offering a Pre-IPO investment opportunity in a company that features Pre-IPO companies…!

  • • Here’s an opportunity for a 150% to 375% Return on Investment in 18-36 months
  • • A potential 950% plus Return post IPO
  • • And… as an investor in Casson Media Group you have a chance to build a “killer portfolio” of Pre-IPO private equity deals

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Starting with just $1,000 some early private equity investors have walked away with...

$16,740  in Twitter 
$23,980  in Box, Inc 
$87,344  in LinkedIn 
$122,500  in Instacart 
$811,850  in Facebook 


The Problem

For entrepreneurs it’s the lack of “availability to capital” and the “length of time”  it takes to raise financing... it's demanding, costly and takes management’s focus away from core business activities.

For investors it’s a “lack of quality deal flow,” “lack of information to properly analyze private equity investments” and “lack of an easy way to participate in multiple deals.”

The Solution

Casson Media Group, a 16 year old financial services marketing company, is developing an Equity Crowdfunding Platform that provides a comprehensive single source solution for Pre-IPO companies that need to raise private equity growth capital… and provides an easy way for investors to find quality opportunities.

It’s a… *** for Investors & Entrepreneurs***


Following a successful Pre-IPO capital raise, Casson Media Group intends to position itself to execute an IPO using the new REG A+ strategy offered under the 2012 JOBS Act in which it will seek to raise at least $5 million.

ROI: We believe we can provide early investors with an opportunity to earn 2 to 4 times their investment in 18 to 36 months and up to an 8x – 10x gain longer term.